Privacy Policy


1. Purpose

This privacy policy and information sharing aims to ensure the security of information relating to organizations and individuals participating in accessing and / or transacting on the website / owned by Hasu D-Light Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Leafsie”).

This Policy describes how Leafsie receives, aggregates, stores, uses and protects information of organizations and individuals participating in accessing and transacting on Leafsie (“Customer”). The Customer's access to or performance of transactions on Leafise means that the Customer has read, understood and agreed to comply with this Policy, including the amended and supplemented versions of the Policy. Amended versions of this Policy (if any) will be effective 5 days after the date the amendments and supplements to the Policy are announced on Leafsie.

2. Specific provisions

2.1. About information gathering
- When the Customer makes a transaction and / or registers to open an account at Leafsie, from time to time, the Customer must provide some information necessary for the execution of the transaction and / or the account registration (" Customer information").

- It is the Customer's responsibility to ensure that the information provided by Customer is complete and accurate and is always up to date to ensure completeness and accuracy. Leafsie is not responsible for resolving any disputes if the information provided by the Customer is inaccurate or not updated or falsified.

2.2. About the storage and confidentiality of private information
- Customer Information, as well as information exchanged between Customer and Leafsie, is kept and secured by Leafsie's system, the Customer's payment information will be solely by the Payment Gateway partners of Leafsie security according to the PCI DSS international standard.

- Leafsie has appropriate technical and security measures to prevent unauthorized access or use of Customer Information. Leafsie also regularly coordinates with security experts to update the latest information on cybersecurity to ensure the safety of Customer Information when Customers access, register to open accounts and / or use Use the Leafsie features. When collecting data, Leafsie maintains and secures Customer Information at the server system and this Customer Information is secured by firewalls and control measures. access, encrypt data.

- The customer's payment information is protected by Leafsie payment gateway partners according to international standards. Leafsie does not permit third parties to track or collect Customer information on Leafise component websites.

- For closed accounts, we still store Personal Information and access of the Customer for the purposes of fraud prevention, investigation, inquiry ... These Personal Information will be kept by Leafise on the server system for a maximum of 12 (twelve) months from the date the Customer closes an account on Leafise. After this period ends, Leafise will proceed to permanently delete Your Personal Information.

- Customers are absolutely not allowed to use any tools, programs to illegally interfere in the system or alter the data structure of Leafise, as well as any other acts to distribute, Encourage activities with the purpose of interfering, destroying or entering data of the Leafise system, as well as other acts prohibited by Vietnamese law. In the event that Leafise detects that the Customer has intentionally tampered with, fraudulently distributed unauthorized information, ... Leafise has the right to transfer the Customer's Personal Information to the competent authorities for processing. laws.

2.3. Regarding use of Customer Information
- Leafise reserves the right to use the information Customer provides, including but not limited to Customer Information, to:

- Provide services / utilities to Customers based on the needs and habits of the Customer when accessing Leafise;

- Sending notices, exchanging information between the Customer with Leafise, other Hasu D-Light Co., Ltd. websites, or vice versa;

- Detect and prevent fraudulent activities, sabotage of Customer's account or other activities of tampering with Customer's identity on Leafise;

- Contact, support communication and resolve with customers in special cases.

2.4. About linking with other websites
- The Customer is responsible for protecting their account information and not providing any information related to the account and password on Leafise on other websites except when logging into the official address of Leafise at

- The Customer is not responsible for problems arising when the Customer accesses Leafise from websites other than the official website of Leafise.

2.5. About sharing Customer Information
- Leafise does not provide Customer Information to any third party except when required by the State authorities, or as required by law, or when it is necessary for Leafise to provide services / utilities to the Customer (for example, to provide the necessary forwarding information to the shipping partners ... ).

- In addition to the above cases, Leafise will specifically notify Customer when it is required to disclose Customer Information to a third party. In this case, Leafise commits itself to disclose Customer Information only with Customer's consent.

- Leafise may share Customer Information for the following purposes:

Market research and analytical reports: Leafise may use Customer Information to research the market, aggregate, analyze general Customer information (e.g. average age, geographic area), Detailed information will be hidden and used only for statistical work. In the event that Leafise conducts a survey requiring Customer's participation, any response to a survey or poll that Customer provides to Leafise will not be passed on to any third party.
Exchange of Customer Information Third parties are Leafsie's partners and agents. Leafsie may pass on Customer Information to agents and subcontractors for data analysis, marketing and customer service support. Leafsie may also exchange Customer Information with third parties for fraud prevention and credit risk reduction purposes.
Communication of Customer Information with advertising partners: Customer behavioral tracking system used by Leafsie on ad display channels (e.g. Customer remarketing, advertising campaign management system DoubleClick reports, demographics, customer interests reports with Google Analytics ...) can collect information such as age, gender, interests and interactions with impressions of advertisement. With the ad settings feature, the Customer can choose to get out of the customer behavior tracking feature of Google Analytics and choose how the advertising display channel appears on Google.


3. Contact us

Whenever you need our support, please do not hesitate to call the Leafsie hotline 096 168 23 63 or email to:


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